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Mufasa Mufasa

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

At least it's heavyish and that phrygian synth thing was the coolest part. Maybe you should have made that the chorus or verse and not that Born of Osiris riff. A little basic with all the drills and low end riffs, interesting though. Sounds like a few bands though, and that Dimmu part at the end was interesting. Drums and synth were the best parts. Try reaching out of the box and taking risks. Really take risks with writing. Get way out there and shit starts to hit the fan. Good or bad, it's better than being 'average'

[S_Rock] Low Gravity [S_Rock] Low Gravity

Rated 0 / 5 stars

How is this metal? It's like trance. It's boring. Sorry, just offering my personal musical opinion. I get your message, hit that bong, lets chill, I get that. But this is hardly music. Learn theory to its fullest and apply it. This would have been a cooler trance thing with some minor and diminished arpeggios and maybe a jazz solo with like and Emil feel. Idk man, for a metal track.. 0/5. For a trance track 1/5. It's simply lacking. I'm sorry.

S-Rock responds:

it's not metal. it's hip hop/rap. that type of music. and my message isn't smoke and let's chill. it's simply have an open mind... in which case you are lacking. Music Theory is simply a Theory in the end. My Theory is to have an open mind to new and creative music or art. To close off any part of your mind that is creative is the sad part. I guess if you hear trance and I hear Hip Hop only proves that at least my work is open enough to get a few different genres out of it which is cool so your negetive review only proves to be the better types of messages I like reading... Odd enough. makes me think about how wrong or how right you really are.